Polish Text to ESRI shp converter

With this program source of Garmin maps (saved in so called Polish Text format) can be converted to ESRI shape files (*.dbf, *.shp *.shx) for point, polyline and polygone objects in a separate files. The data are stored in 3 fields: LABEL, TYPE and LEVEL. LABEL is just a name of the object, TYPE is Garmin type of object (how object will be shown on the map) and LEVEL includes starting level of object appearance. See Polish Text format description at www.cgpsmapper.com. With Ptxt2shp program output can be filtered using level of origin.

Automatically recognizes decimal delimiter (good for US and Europe), accepts both "old" and "new" Polish text format definitions of the object types (see www.cgpsmapper. com for details). .

This tools is useful for importing Garmin maps to the MMO.


For POI creation with POI_DB_creator much more convenient is using text files for point type of data. Conversion of SHP to text files can be done with third-party software like MapMaker, but 1) it is not free 2) MapMaker modifies original shp file and sometimes does not handle it properly. To make set of tools complete I wrote SHP2CSV converter. The SHP2CSV takes point *.shp file obtained with Ptxt2shp converter and converts it to the text file. Field separator, number of fields and decimal separator can be adjusted in dependence on the needs. The *.CSV (denotes comma-separeted-values, but actually can be any other separator) can be easily viewed and edited with many programs such as Microsoft Excel.

The output is as follows:

Label[FS]TYPE[FS]LEVEL[FS]X[FS]Y (All fields are text values)

where [FS] is a filed separator; TYPE and LEVEL fields can be included or excluded from the output file.