Reader inside

Here there is some info on Reader hardware.

Disassemble the Reader (small Phillips screwdriver is needed)

  1. Unscrew 4 screws from the back side of the Reader. Unscrew 1 screw located in the cavity (at left) of the bottom silver panel
  2. Gently remove top and bottom silver plastic panels (some lateral movement may be needed)
  3. Unscrew 3 silver screw from the bottom side (normally hidden by plastic panel removed at the previous step)
  4. Remove 2 brackets from the top side (they are glued with soft glue and can be glued later again).
  5. Gently slide the PCB toward the top of the reader (Fig.1)

Fig. 1 --(click to enlarge)---


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The major Reader components are (please see indication at the left image):

A) processor MC9328MXL (ARM920T core) by Freescale Semiconductor

B) RAM 2xK4M561633G (4M x 16Bit x 4 Banks Mobile SDRAM)

C) fast (parallel) flash S29AL016D (16 Megabit (2 M x 8-Bit/1 M x 16-Bit))

D) slow (serial) flash K9F2G08U0A ( 256M x 8 Bit NAND Flash Memory )

E) FPGA Actel ProASIC3 (custom e-ink controller)

F) memory card controller Ricoh R5C807

G) Hitachi's H8/38004 Super Low Power microcontroller.

Console operation (see full story on console recovery at the-ebook forums (in Russian))

Here is a console start-up output: